Whistling Kettle - Again

You know I love the Whistling Kettle. I once wrote about the tea and another time about the whole experience. Well, I checked it out again today, and it was a lovely lovely lunch. It was quite possibly a little celebratory lunch, so I decided to treat my self.

You know how I love the Berkshires, but if all goes well there could be a lot more buckets of fried chicken in my future. So I say, treat yo self!

I got a pot of the lavender Earl Grey because I absolutely love it.

This tea is just so elegant. The subtlety of the lavender and the Bergamot oil mix so beautifully with the high quality tea. It is the kind of delicious food item that makes you stop and think. It slows you down, and forces you to just live in the moment.

Also, they have reconfigured their seating since last time I was there. Look at these cool, tall, comfortable booths:

I ordered a curry chicken salad sandwich with pecans and a side salad.

I got the ginger dressing which was amazing. They cut the crusts off the sandwich bread for an extra touch of class. It was totally fresh and delicious. The spice was perfectly balanced, and I think it even had grapes in it. I am a sucker for a good chicken salad. The waiter was so friendly coming by like "How is your possibly celebratory lunch?", to which I said "Delicious!!"

Very lovely. TREAT YO SELF!


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