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Most Ridiculous Bear Cake Decorating Party

I sometimes have ridiculous ideas that I talk about doing forever and sometimes they actually make their way into reality. I totally think my friend Sandy is a genius, a butter and sugar genius that is - which is of course the best kind. She has a business called Chaos and Buttercream , where she manages to make cakes that are delicious, creative, and beautiful. Ever since I bought my bear cake pan, Sandy and I have said "Do you know what would be awesome? If we made a whole army of bear cakes and invited everyone we knew to decorate them!" Who knew we would actually do it! I'll also mention that I am going to the Bear's Steakhouse for my birthday in a couple weeks, so this is all a way of building bear related excitement for me. Here are the bare bears starting out: What was awesome about it was how different everyone's was from each other and how creative everyone was. This is mine: Hello Kitty bear: psychedelic bear: coy bear: gen