Tea from the Whistling Kettle

I've previously discussed how fun it is to go to the Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa for lunch. But I was appreciating again the other day really how good their teas are. When we first moved here, we used to shop at Teavana at Crossgates, which was fine. We got some really great brewing accessories from there, and I still can't walk by through the mall without admiring their cast iron tea pots. But once you discover the local place, it seems much better to support them. Once we bought tea from Little Buddha on Lark Street, which was fine except they didn't label any of them and we bought like 8 kinds. It takes a little of the fun out of it to not know what you are having, and then if you like it you won't know which one to purchase next time. We haven't finished them because we can't be sure they'll be something we'd be in the mood for.

So my friend was over, and I was looking through the tea from the Whistling Kettle that we have, and here are the ones we have left in our cabinet:
  • Scottish Breakfast - strong and classic.
  • Passion, Chili, and Orange Rooibos- I know I am the crazy sort of person who wants my tea very spicy, but there must be other people like me in the world too, right? This is my idea of a good time - burning tongue and all. It also has no caffeine, making it a good nighttime option. (I can't find it on their website, which makes me wonder if they still carry it.) I find this one to be soothing and invigorating at the same time.
  • Lavender Earl Grey - infuses the whole downstairs of the house with the smell of the South of France. Ahhhhh, soothing and fragrant. I usually order this one when we go there to eat. 
  • Vanilla Chai - this is not any sugary mess you can get from corporate coffeehouses - this is the taste of India - spiced and strong. It is the real thing. With some frothed milk, it is heaven. We still also have the cane sugar leftover from Teavana and that is very tasty, especially in Chai.
  • Belgian Chocolate Rooibos again, no caffiene, and so delicious. I served this one to my friend and she was very impressed. It really has such a calming effect, and is great with milk or without. It is almost like having a dessert without the calories.
  • We also still have Maple Cream and Irish Cream, but I haven't had those as much so I can't really comment, except that I have tried them and they were good.
  • I love Lapsang Souchong, but we are out of that right now, and I do understand that it is an acquired taste for a lot of people. For me it is the tea equivalent of good scotch.
Would love to head up there again soon! They really do such a great job.


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