The Point

We've been to The Point several times now, and my feeling is that it is better as a place to meet people for drinks and snacks than it is a good place to go for dinner.


Large amount of space is good for meeting a group of friends.

Desserts - Cheesecake lollipops ("Sweet, decadent cream cheese spheres"), and cinnamon doughnuts ("Cinnamon Delights- Bite size, cinnamon and sugar doughnuts garnished with cinnamon glaze, Chantilly cream and berries") were ridiculously delicious.

Cocktails - I had the "About Thyme 9, Aromatic. botanical. refreshing. Hendrick’s gin, Pimm’s #1, muddled cucumber, splash of lemonade, splash of club, fresh picked thyme." I loved it. It was very refreshing. Also a lot of other options looked interesting too.

Appetizers - We had fried green beans with a wasabi sauce, and some kind of sampling of multiple appetizers, including the crab cake, that were all very good.


On several occasions the music was too loud. Whole point of it is that it is large enough of a space to meet a big group of friends, don't ruin it with music so loud people can't talk to each other.

Entrees. While the food was good -  two of our friends had "Black and Blue pizza- Slices of filet mignon, gorgonzola cheese gnocchi, mushrooms, spinach and carmelized onions served over grilled pizza dough" for $16, two of our friends had steak, and I had "Tuscan Cherry Pork- Pan-roasted free-range pork tenderloin with a Bing cherry, Chianti wine, and tomato glaze served with potato and vegetable of the day" for $19. It seemed expensive for what it was. I guess for me I just have certain favorite restaurants: New World Bistro, Cafe Capriccio (see also Scott's review here), and Provence. Those three restaurants are legitimately exciting. They are worth going to, and The Point for dinner seems about in the same price range as these without being as exciting. Sure, if it is a special occasion I might want to go to Jack's Oyster House or McGuire's, and if it is a random weeknight I might go to Capital Q's or Bellini's, but for the weekend night out with friends there is actually a lot of competition.  I'm not sure I couldn't make any of the entrees we had at The Point for much cheaper at home.  Like Creo, when people ask me about it I hesitate briefly about what to say, it isn't that it is bad. It is fine. But for the price, I'm not sure (I am in favor of Creo for brunch though). In these economic times people need motivation to pay more to eat out. One of our friends said that they used to have more ambitious and complicated items on the menu that didn't work out that well, and that they seemed to have taken those off. But as far as roasts, steaks, and potatoes go - I can actually do that myself pretty easily and it will taste very similar.

That being said, The Point as a place to meet friends for drinks, desserts, and snacks is fabulous, as long as they don't have loud music. Again, it is a huge space, and you are never going to be able to get into Mahar's or the Wine Bar on Lark on a Friday night and be able to sit down with 6 of your friends. So I say let's hear it for a cheese plate, an interesting cocktail, and Cheesecake lollipops split around the table!


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