Candy Cane Cocktail

A couple of years ago I tried a candy cane cocktail at Bellini's. It was so good, and I kept going back trying to figure out how to make it.

This is what I came up with:

2 ounces vodka (I like this Prairie vodka. It is from Minnesota, and apparently not available everywhere. It was also reasonably priced).

1 1/2 ounces white cream de menthe

Smash up candy canes and wet rim of frosted glass. Dip rim in pile of candy canes on a plate. Shake with ice in cocktail shaker. Strain into cocktail glass. Enjoy that taste of the holidays!

While I know there are plenty of drinks that can serve to warm you up from the cold weather like red wine or wassail, this drink is the taste of cold weather. Crisp, freezing, exhilarating - the taste of winter - feels like your breath fogging up a glass window on a bright 30 degree morning or stepping onto an icy patch on a parking lot with shiny black, high heel  boots and feeling the ice crack below.


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