Casual Pizza Dinner

I'm having a couple friends over for dinner on Friday. It is no big deal. In fact, Marguerita Pizza is one of the absolute cheapest foods you can make even if you buy really great fresh mozzarella. I use the Cook's Illustrated recipe, and it works great. Sometimes you want to push yourself and cook something really ambitious, but sometimes you just want to have a couple friends over to keep you company, and it should be very casual. I have though seen some very fun ways to enhance the adult pizza party experience.

Martha Stewart a while ago had a tip about using store bought pies, and letting people add their own ingredients.

This blog (Celebrations at Home) makes it look really cool.

Here's some other tips: at 20Something Cupcakes blog , The HipHostess, and the kitchn.

Sometimes parties aren't about the fuss. Especially if you get your friends to bring the salad. I'm thinking about making Dorie Greenspan's chocolate mousse. But if not, it is no big deal.

Since my husband is going out of town, I think maybe I'm just focusing on this so that I don't just end up making lime sherbet, eating that for every meal, and laying on the couch watching the Housewives all day (or something like that). Anyways point is pizza parties aren't just for children anymore. They are easy, cheap, and fun for adults too, and who doesn't like pizza?


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