Capital Q Smokehouse

I'll start out by pointing out that I hail from the suburbs in the upper Midwest, and that I've spent my young adult years in the state of New York. I visited Tennessee a bit as a child, and have probably been to the Carolinas about 3 times. The biggest connection I probably have to the south is being a Taylor Swift fan and being charmed by some wedding ideas from Southern Weddings Magazine. So what do I really know about BBQ?
Well, I know that Capital Q Smokehouse is delicious! They have several different styles of sauces and I have yet to try them all: Kansas City, Okie, Memphis Style, South Carolina, and a couple more. The Okie chicken in particular is really tasty. There's some depth and complexity to the flavors in the sauce. Their food is really high quality, and they have a catering menu and sell dishes by the pound. I could imagine a party in the summer with food from here that would be a lot less stressful than making everything ourselves and would be very satisfying. I've heard mixed reviews from some of our friends about the sides, but I have loved the ones we have tried: the cornbread (they might put a little maple in the whipped butter, not sure), green bean casserole (bit of Midwest cuisine nostalgia there), potato salad, collard greens (a nice vinegar flavor), and creamed spinach. It might be beneficial to take a look at the sides, and determine which ones look the freshest before ordering. I should mention that they only take cash, but that it is not expensive. It's a lot of food for $20, and perfect for an inspiration-lacking weeknight. The fact that we have places like this is part of why I have so much affection for Albany as a city.


  1. As someone who lived 3 years in Texas, I'm fully converted to Texas BBQ: beef (brisket preferably), pork sausage. And no sauce. I recognize that these pork bbq traditions exist. And they are occasionally really good. But next time you guys are traveling around central Texas (which I'm sure will be frequently) I will point you to places that will change your life.

  2. Sounds like a plan.. like I said what do I know. That is interesting there is no sauce! The brisket at this place was really good.

  3. I'm a big fan of hot vinegary SC sauce. I'd rather have dry rub than sweet sauce, though.

  4. Brisket. Dry black pepper rub, Louis Mueller's, Taylor, Texas.

    The best meat I've ever had.

    Almost makes up for being in Texas.


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