Food Section at Target

This weekend I was around the Colonie Northway Mall area and instead of making a separate trip to a grocery store, I decided to see if the Target food section could fulfill my modest shopping list. My list consisted of: brown sugar, molasses, tomato paste, Colavita olive oil (I know I couldn't realistically expect this), and a snack for myself to hold me over until dinner time. As I was hunting down these items I seemed to hear a lot of different people they couldn't find certain items, perhaps indicating that the section is hard to navigate. There are a lot of items where only the Target brand exists, which for me made items harder to immediately notice, but I'm hoping they will taste ok. While there is a small meat and produce section where I've found some good things in the past, I feel that the food section in general is mostly geared towards mixes and already-prepared types of foods. I did find star anise though (I've read some Indian recipes that include it recently so I picked some of that up), and I spotted some tasty wasabi peas for myself as a snack. I also found some extracts and food coloring for the variety of homemade marshmallows I plan on making for holiday gifts. No luck on the tomato paste or the specific type of olive oil I was looking for. They did instead have quite the variety of pre-made sauces, so it does seem more suited to that type of purpose. In the end, my feeling is the Target food section can get you through a snack for yourself and even certain dinners, but you can't expect to cross off an extensive shopping list there. Things may or may not be there (I wouldn't have thought tomato paste would be unreasonable), some things may only be there in the Target brand version (I'll have to try these items to judge their quality), but if you don't feel like making another stop it is pretty convenient to have this section there in its expanded format.


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