Flea Market, Raynham, MA

I had to go to Boston's Logan airport to pick up my husband today, and my coworker was going to visit her son in RI so we both stopped in to check out The Raynham Flea Market together. It was a very smooth and easy drive out there. It looked pretty intense from the pictures on the website. I got an enormous amount of brooches for a bridal brooch bouquet I'm making for a friend of mine (like these). In fact, if I hadn't gone here I'd probably be chasing them down one by one and that would have taken forever. Instead, I found enough for the whole thing, at the budgeted price, all in one shot. I also found vintage Pan-Am cocktail stirrers. Yes, I'll be making drinks to use them later tonight. I also found a book from 1959 with tips on how to dress a wife with "a note to the husbands" at the beginning of each chapter. It actually had some good tips, like not to buy things you don't really need and how to pare down your closet. Here's more info about the book. I got actually a whole stack of books for a quarter each and had a nice conversation with an elderly man about the reading habits of his wife. I said "She sounds like a cool lady!" and he agreed that she is.

I had a corn dog. I don't think I've ever had a real corn dog in my whole life. When I was a kid we only had ones made out of tofu. But this was something else. I enjoyed it to a ridiculous extent, way more than I should have.

 My friend's son got some cool baseball cards (Justin Verlander! including a piece of fabric from his jersey on the card - very cool), and my coworker got very, very excited about the looks of the whoopie pies. Now, I've mentioned my coworkers have very specific ideas about whoopie pies. The sponginess factor is important. They must not just be a cake - instead, they must be halfway between a cake and cookie. The filling must not be frosting - instead, it should include marshmallow fluff. Well, these just looked amazing. I was waiting for my coworker and everyone who walked by the booth stared at them and was like "Holy cow!!". They were epic. I actually called her up and said "I have got to show you something!". She got very excited like everyone else there, but said "Tell me sir, what is in the filling?" "It is just frosting", he said. "Hmmmm," she thought about it, but ultimately could not resist. Check it out:

It took four of us and we still had like 4 inches of it left. Problems: my coworker didn't find it authentic and would have rather had it smaller and had a spongier cake and including marshmallow fluff. However, the impressive size - even for $5.50 blew all of our minds. And while we were eating it in the food court people were stopping and staring like there was a super hot woman at our table half naked. They were straining their necks to stare at our whoopie pie. It was ridiculous.

All in all a fun time. I would say the flea market felt a bit like Las Vegas to me - incredibly fun for a very specific amount of time, until all of a sudden it seemed crazy overwhelming and very tiring. You need to be looking for something specific at a flea market or it all runs together. For me, it was a friend's bridal brooch bouquet - and thanks to my trip today I believe it is sure to be pretty fabulous looking.


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