Whoopie Pies

I was first introduced to whoopie pies in Brooklyn where they have become really trendy. But now that I work in New England I have a whole other perspective. New Englanders I have met are just as crazy about whoopie pies as they are about fluffernutters. There seems to be some disagreement as to whether whoopie pies are from Pennsylvania Amish country or from Maine (both states claim to be the origin of this dessert). Here are even two different recipes from the different geographic regions. There seems to be two styles, the Pennsylvania style posseses more of a buttercream filling and the Maine style has with marshmallow fluff in the filling. My coworkers refuse to eat whoopie pies that do not have marshmallow fluff. They would consider these not real whoopie pies. My office had a bridal shower for me yesterday, and they ordered whoopie pies from the Big Y in North Adams, MA. They were really delicious. They were huge, and fluffy and had the right degree of sponginess in the texture of the cake. I remember when they were first becoming popular there was this interesting article about the in the New York Times. I just find it interesting though that what is trendy in Brooklyn is actually something that very traditional New Englanders view as an important part of their heritage, so much so that they literally refuse to eat one with buttercream filling.


  1. I don't eat whoopie pies but if you ever get a chance, you should try the Amish-made ones at the Menands outdoor farmers' market. The red velbet ones look scrumptious.


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