Sad Desk Lunches

I'm here to say that real life is not as beautiful as Tastespotting. How does that make us all feel? Inferior? Pathetic? Like we don't plan out our meals well enough or make them look beautiful enough? I didn't really want to write a "How Emily Really Eats" post for the From Scratch Club series. Why not, you ask? Because it might be like "I had a hard boiled egg, a Special K Protein shake, and then my husband prepared a beautiful roast chicken dinner, and we had a fabulous Pinot Gris from the Finger Lakes". There are things to be embarrassed about, like eating lunch at your desk. There is even a chick lit novel called "Sad Desk Salad".

This is why I love so much the tumblr Sad Desk Lunch. The reason it is so much fun is because it is honest. I love it. It makes me feel great in a way that Pinterest can make me feel bad (if you haven't read it, check out this great New York Times article on the topic).


  1. That sad desk lunch tumblr is basically my life. I don't mid, though- so much better than most of the options in Averill Park!!


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