Revolution Hall Wedding Reception, Troy

A couple years ago Revolution Hall stopped being a venue for concerts and became a private events space. Now you can have your wedding there!

We went to a wedding reception there last night. There was a totally awesome photo booth the groom and his friend built. Here was the result.

We had such a great time! They are such an amazing couple! Also, I still love weddings. I'm the type of girl who wishes there was a Valentine's Day every month. At this moment, I am checking out a "Bridezillas" marathon. I have to admit to still checking out Ruffled and Style Me Pretty when I'm totally bored or stressed. I will also admit to having the impulse to buy a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine once in a while, but resisting the urge. Perhaps I'm meant to be a crafty, low-key, totally personalized wedding planner. I do seem to have kicked the David Tutera habit completely, so that is something. I don't think weddings should be about materialism, weight loss, or conformity. I loved the book "One Perfect Day" by Rebecca Mead, but I still melt when I read this post on WeddingBee and I really loved the book Altared edited by Colleen Curran. I know many people feel overwhelmed by weddings (brides usually), but in the end it all seems worth it every time (as a guest). Last night included: whisky, Brown's beer, cake, animal print dresses, ridiculous multicolor suede heels, a dapper man in a kilt, conversations about bridesmaid dresses, kisses on the dance floor, the groom dancing with his mother, chatting with people I met at the bridal shower, silliness, goofiness, the bad Albany cab system (me declaring my plans to run for office and fix it), one amazing funk band (Jocamo), and one beaming, lovely, tattooed bride. More proof weddings don't have to be completely traditional to feel incredibly romantic.

The hors d'oeuvres were really nice too. There was: lots of cheese, baked brie, beef and chicken spiedies (apparently a specialty of the Binghampton area), spanakopita, portobella pieces coated in panko crumbs and fried, and fried calamari. It is a great layout for an event because guests can talk in the lobby, sit up in the balcony area or downstairs, hang out at the bar, or make their way to the dance floor. It also has a cool, hip vibe. It is definitely a great space to have a wedding reception, and we had a fabulous time!


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