Endless Summer

 I've never been a big fan of summer. Last summer was pretty great, but some of my favorite things are fall things like tweed, tea, a roasting chicken, argyle, and acorn squash. I was really into swimming in the Great Lakes as a child, but at age 18, I developed a weird allergy to cold water and pretty much developed hobbies like reading and watching movies to accommodate that allergy. That all being said, here are some cool summer links:

 My plans for the summer include:


 That all being said, I wouldn't mind some time on the El Mariachi patio, taking in some baseball (Go Tigers!),  and for sure eating some awesome farm fresh tomatoes (panazanella!). Enjoy!


  1. Sounds like a great summer! Salad bar party? I'm so there!

  2. awesome! should be a good time!

  3. I made a bunch of those cubes in raspberry, thyme and basil.


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