The Tailored Tea, Latham

How often do you go to a new place and love it so much you can't wait to go back? Not too often, but I did feel that way about The Merry Monk. The past weekend my friend Jessica and I went to The Tailored Tea in Latham. Now, I am a fan of the whole ordeal of tea and specifically the Whistling Kettle, but the truth is I only seem to make it up to Ballston Spa about twice a year. I usually buy enough tea to last me until the next visit. I've long wished for a place like this closer to Albany, so much so that I usually say if I were wealthy I would open a place like this. I basically just want to eat something adorable and feminine like these Joy the Baker cupcakes, wear a cheery floral, poofy dress, maybe a hat, some white gloves (or at least be in a place where such a get up wouldn't be so out of place) and talk about very classy things like ex-boyfriends who liked Gwar, fighting with your sister when you were 14 years old about silly things, food swaps, and taking over the internet. I loved this place so much, I could totally go here every Sunday morning with a different female friend and probably run out of female friends to ask before I got sick of it. The ambiance lets me have the mental image that we are way more old-timey, feminine, and restrained than we actually are.

On to the food and tea. I had a pot of the Earl Grey, and I loved it. They give you these little candle things that keep the tea warm while you chat. I am pretty sure Jessica got a half pot of the African Elixir. Check out all the teas here. I got the scones benedict on a cheddar chive scone, the scone of the day. It was as decadent and amazing as it sounds. I could have gone healthier since we had cake at home, but whatever (scones benedict! butter on top of butter!). Jessica got the salmon scramble with cream cheese and chives, and it looked really good. I thought the potatoes that came with both were very tasty too - not greasy or overdone. Then, we split a strawberry cream cake that was coated in almonds (I don't get almonds at home), and it was pretty light and very delicious. Mostly, I loved the vintage mismatched teacups, linen napkins, adorable waitress (Taylor works at The Tailored Tea!). I may go for a slightly healthier option when I go back, like the turkey sandwich a commenter mentioned on the Tablehopping Snapshot, but that scones benedict was pretty fabulous.Check out the full brunch menu here.

The building is very cool too, and you can read about that on their webpage. Overall, good times!


  1. I figured this would be a place we both liked - I'm glad we checked it out! How ironic that the TU did a review this week! I think the potatoes were probably my favorite thing on the plate. You also forgot to mention the super-giantic-super-sweet-and-awesome strawberry on the top of the cake!

  2. Oh, the strawberry was an important part! Right! That has happened to me before where I went to a place the Times Union wrote up that week (with Kinnaree I think) - funny!

  3. The strawberry was the icing on the cake per say. Although I'm not much of a tea person but through the years I've learned to appreciate them.

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  4. Sounds worth a look. But were the potatoes crispy? I hate underdone potatoes.


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