TWD, Baking with Julia: French Strawberry Cake

As part of Tuesdays with Dorie using the book Baking with Julia, I made the French Strawberry Cake. Check out the discussion about the recipe here.  Check out all the other bakers here. You can read the recipe on Sophia's Sweets.

Check out mine:

My thoughts:

  • This is a great summer dessert. The cake is easy, tasty, and has a great spongy texture that holds up nicely against the juicy strawberries. It is not as tough as a biscuit for strawberry shortcake, but absorbs liquid better than airy angel food cake. 
  • There is something very luxurious about desserts with contrasting multiple layers. 
  • Light and refreshing, this recipe would be great to take to a summer BBQ.
  •  Overall, from husband and coworkers rave reviews!


  1. We Germans don't eat this as a dessert, we have another meal: Coffee in the afternoon with a piece of cake like this. Yours looks lovely

    Ulrike @K├╝chenlatein

  2. This would be a great dessert to take to an outdoor BBQ or other summer event. It's hard to go wrong with fresh strawberries...

  3. The strawberries make this a perfect summer dessert but I'm looking forward to trying the genoise with chocolate filling too. Yours looks great!

  4. I agree it is definitely a summer dessert. We are in winter here so the strawberries were less than perfect. I'll have to try it again when the weather warms up! Your cake looks lovely :)


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