Waving at the Spring from over here

It's getting a little warmer round here and it makes me feel like looking forward to the next few months. I've got some fun ideas and then our 1 year wedding anniversary. Yay!

  • Next week I'm going to the book signing for The Pioneer Woman in NYC. Sure, she is goofy sometimes and wants to put in way too much butter, but there is something I like about her - relatability, unparelled success out of just typing about food from her living room computer, those mushrooms
  • March 31st Joy the Baker is going to be in NYC also for a cookbook signing.  Do you read her blog? Emma Stone does! I bought her cookbook last night and fell in love with her all over again. You really feel like she is right there with you. I think there is some balance in blogging - you want to disclose enough about yourself that there is something there to relate to, but not too much that it would be awkward if readers were to meet you in person. It is not a journal, right? Somehow, she really strikes the right balance of beautiful, thoughtful, food photography, actually good recipes, and a little taste of who she is thrown in (which is a thoughtful, playful, and fun person). 
  • I went to Party City a while ago and noticed what awesome Hawaiian decorations they have. Cups in the shapes of coconuts? Hula girl napkins? Everything with pineapple in it? What better way to welcome in the warmer weather than inviting over every lady acquaintance I've made in the last year and introducing them to each other. Some people used to ask me what I was going to do with all my wedding planning energy when the wedding was over, and the answer is clear - theme parties! 

  •  Then for our wedding anniversary we are having Jacqueline Lynch come over for a photo shoot. Something adorable in the kitchen like this or this. Then, we'll get our one year anniversary red velvet cream cheese frosting cake from J&S Watkins, which will be amazing for sure.

Anyways, I hear we will be getting a little more snow yet.  But I'm sure nice weather will be here soon enough!


  1. Hooray for more classy ladies parties!

  2. Haha I think Lucy's original spelling was Classy Ladiez, because Klassy Ladiez just doesn't actually sound very classy, but the "z" makes it clear we aren't that serious, ha.

    I'll let you know when I go and clear out the Hawaiian decor section and Party City, and when I have research Hawaiian foods (somehow I don't think pineapple on pizza counts).


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