A Brief Local Dining Note

If you like gazpacho, you have to try the gazpacho at All Good Bakers.    For that matter, if you think you don't like gazpacho, you should try it anyway.  Even though it's not peak season yet, it had a beautiful, tangy flavor, with a nice sharpness that if my palate is to be trusted came in part from garlic scapes.   Strongly recommended.  


  1. Great to see you today Scott! So glad you enjoyed Nick's gazpacho (made w/ Berlin's Best Hydroponic Tomatoes and lots of garlic, but no scapes). Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Ah, sometimes you overthink it. :)

  3. Scott, turns out you were right! I talked to Lauren (our sous chef) today when I recommended we use the multitude of scapes we received today in the soup this week instead of garlic (which isn't up yet locally). She said she DID use scapes these last two weeks in the gazpacho, so your taste buds were spot on!! We look forward to seeing you both again soon and so glad you tried Mingle! Jose (Chef's son) is arguably the nicest person in Albany and they are putting out amazingly tasty food. He is even spearheading Mingle moving to sourcing all/most of their ingredients locally starting this week!! We're working on providing them w/ bread. They are such wonderful neighbors. The DelSo is turning into a locavore corridor!


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