Revisiting Lunch and Breakfast Ideas

Now I have talked before about not having good breakfast ideas (I'll still maintain that cold pizza is the king of breakfasts), and the slightly depressing thing we all do which is eat lunch at our desks. I quickly learned at my first Archives internship working at the show Democracy Now! how prohibitively expensive it was to go out to Quizno's for a sandwich everyday. You really want something cheap, healthy, and tasty that won't make a mess. Now some of you out there may offer up a sandwich, but a whole slew of not very exciting elementary school sandwiches with soggy bread ruined that option for me.

Let's revisit breakfast first. I listened to an interview with the woman who runs Tastespotting on, and I got really into Tastespotting this weekend. It is so much better than Pinterest because it is carefully curated. Tastespotting can give you some great ideas. Have you ever thought of eating a breakfast salad? Have you thought about eating quinoa for breakfast? (Here is another quinoa version.) Check out this beauty - strawberries, blueberries, mozzarella - would probably take no time at all. At one time I would have thought these were all too time consuming, but perhaps it is the weather or it becoming light out earlier or just a spirit of optimism in general, but sometimes a nice breakfast seems worth it.

This brings me to my new lunch obsession, which along with my entertainment choice of Beverly Hills, 90210, is a blast from the 1990s. Yes, this is the wrap sandwich. Last week I bought some spinach and herb tortillas. First I did onion and chive cream cheese with smoked salmon and arugula. Then the next day I did yellowfin tuna canned in olive oil with the same cream cheese, arugula and yellow peppers - delicious! Portable! Holds more veggies than a conventional sandwich! Bread doesn't get soggy! What is not to love? Today I took some of my leftover jerk chicken from New World Bistro this weekend mixed with some chicken we had roasted on Saturday. I put some celery, hearts of palm, currants and a dressing I made up of sour cream, honey, salt and pepper, my homemade hot sauce, champagne vinegar, a little bit olive oil, curry, turmeric, and cumin. It was totally delicious.

Then this morning I threw on a whole pile of arugula and wrapped it up.

Delicious! It is nice to have a lunch you are actually looking forward to, and its good you can wrap a good amount of vegetables in these sandwiches. I'll have some fun thinking up more wrap combinations.


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