Hattie's Restaurant, Saratoga

Today we went to Hattie's Restaurant in Saratoga. Scott wanted to buy some music, I like PaperDolls, and we both enjoy the Saratoga Salsa and Spice Company (and Marie Sharp's hot sauce they sell there).

So first of all, this place is adorable. They have roosters everywhere, including on a large shelf across the top of the walls. I took a picture.

My grandmother was not from Lousiana, (she was from Detroit), but she definitely had a very similar aesthetic including the red check tablecloths and roosters everywhere. I don't mean to brag, but my grandmother had a lot more roosters than they do. I, too, have adopted the rooster interest, but I like to think of it as "French Country". I couldn't find a picture of her roosters or red checked tablecloths, but the wallpaper here, the curtains, and her awesome lipstick can give you an idea (also you can tell how much fun it was being around her by the look on my face).

Anyways - on to the chicken. It was named best fried chicken in the U.S. by Food and Wine. I got the fried chicken and waffles.

You get one piece of white meat and one piece of dark on top of a waffle. I hadn't had fried chicken and waffles before, but I have definitely had the jerk chicken and waffles at New World Bistro with pineapples and scallions (Bring it back, guys! Was I the only one ordering that? I know you have jerk chicken back there you can throw on a waffle for me!). Is it the best fried chicken I have ever had? Yes. Am I a connoisseur of fried chicken? No. But what I can say is that some things you know are not healthy while you are eating them, but they are so good you enjoy eating them anyway. Yeah that is this. I could eat a bucket of it. Speaking of, they had a sign that said on Tuesdays you can get a bucket of this amazing chicken for $12 along with $2 cans of PBR. Worth the trip to Saratoga? I would say yes!

Scott got the Cajun omelet. From the menu: "Three Egg Omelet with North Country Smoke House Andouille Sausage, Caramelized Onions and Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese served with Home Fries and Texas Toast". The Texas toast was fabulous, the home fries seemed to have some parmesan on them which was delicious, and that andouille was very, very flavorful.

And for good measure there was a picture of Paula Deen on the wall. I watched her on the Food Network this morning. She was rolling a pork tenderloin in broken up sugar cookie crumbs. Yep.

This may be the closest we are going to get to Char No 4 in Brooklyn around here, and I am not complaining. The fact that when we were leaving I was figuring out what road would take me from the Berkshires where I work to Saratoga on a week night, and how much time that would add to my commute, for some more of that chicken - well that pretty much says it all.


  1. Remind me to tell you about my trip to the Marie Sharp hot sauce factory the next time I see you!

    Also, love that pic of you and your grandma!

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  3. hahaha.. the story on that picture was that there was an aunt of mine that didn't make it to some holiday, Thanksgiving maybe, and in front of 20 relatives my grandma called her up to be like "Why didn't you come to Thanksgiving?" and then was very obviously making faces to us like she didn't believe her and was exaggerating everything she said in response. There are about three of those pictures taken in a row where I was cracking up laughing more and more. That pretty much summarizes how I felt about her hahaha.

    Is the factory in Belize?


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