Sunday Night Chicken Salad

This seems like a contradiction in terms, especially if you think of Sunday night as a time to do something a little fancier than you have time for on a weeknight. In this case, though, we tried it with a little elegance. We roasted a chicken with vegetables last night, and so the leftover chicken was the basis for the sandwich and the leftover veggies made a nice side.

But what made this "Sunday night" chicken salad was the homemade components. First, Ms. Garlic made fresh sandwich bread -- excellent (from the recipe in How to Cook Everything.) Then, for the first time, I made homemade mayo. Pretty easy if you have a decent food processor, actually. Put two eggs yolks in the bowl of a food processor, turn on the motor, and slowly pour in a cup of olive or canola oil. Run until it emulsifies, and then add a tablespoon of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Tasty! And can be used all week. We added the mayo to the chicken and some sliced scallions. It made a chicken salad sandwich seem elegant!

And, for the coup de gras, the leftover egg whites we used made a great cocktail. Tasty and frugal!


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