Berle Farm Yogurt

The best food adventures are ones in which your navigation devices do nothing for you. When I went to the Bears' Steakhouse for my birthday a couple years ago, you knew it was going to be good because the GPS, the iphone, and the Onstar were all wrong. The universe was making us work really hard for our pile of meat, and it tasted all the better because of it.

When I first saw Berle Farm yogurt at the Honest Weight Co-op, I was surprised to see there was something from Hoosick I hadn't heard of since I've now worked out there for 7 months. My coworker and I decided it was a good lunch time activity to go show up over there and buy some yogurt. We phoned the exceedingly sweet lady for directions, got incredibly lost on unmarked beautiful country roads (GPS and smartphone acting useless), and were promptly greeted by the laziest of golden retrievers. We put our $6 in the cash can, and took with us the smoothest, tastiest of yogurts. Its not sweet (although you could always add honey), but it has a great texture and makes you feel full for a long time afterwards. I'm so excited about my new discovery, and all the smoothies I am going to make with my big glass jug of yogurt. I definitely recommend stopping in and buying some if you are in that neck of the woods or at Honest Weight.


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