Dream Puffs S'more

This morning I was successful in getting off the couch from my watching Alias on Netflix, and we made our way to the Troy Farmer's Market. We got some great items, and saw a lot of cool people.

I'm a huge s'more fan, and when I saw these at the DreamPuff Marshmallows booth I could not resist. I took it home and put in a 350 degrees oven for about 5 minutes. This is a ridiculously delicious item!

 I really enjoy making marshmallows (last year I mailed them out to half the people I know). But I will admit that they make a big mess in the kitchen, so I am happy to buy the DreamPuff ones (usually at the Book House). I also made some graham crackers for the food swap last month, using this recipe. Homemade marshmallows are way, way better than the commercially made ones. The texture is fluffier, and they just taste way better. Homemade graham crackers have a more nuanced flavor and a softer texture. Therefore, homemade s'mores are a brilliant idea. What is also fun is that the chocolate on these is a light layer spread on both sides of the crackers. Fabulous!


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