TWD, Baking With Julia: Rugelach

As part of Tuesdays with Dorie, using the book Baking with Julia I made rugelach. You can find the recipe here and here. You can read many comments from other bakers talking about their rugelach here. Check out some pictures of mine, and I'll tell you what I thought about them!

Since my husband is allergic to nuts I just completed left those out of the recipe. Also, as far as the spread in the middle I had some prunes, but I underestimated the measurement of them and ended up using two cups of dates and one cup of the prunes. This sort of date/prune butter concoction is great. It would be great to eat on toast, or to take in cans to a food swap.

After spreading on the date/prune mixture, and sprinkling on a brown sugar, white sugar, and cinnamon mixture on the dough I made and rolled out, I included some cranberries and cherries. The tip on page 10 on the book to steam dried fruits under simmering water worked out great. I have never thought of that before, but it really did work to made the dried fruits much more delicious.

Here they are rolled up and ready to be chilled. In retrospect I should have rolled them up more slowly to get more of a pinwheel effect, but some of them did turn out good looking (how good looking they are does not affect the taste, it turns out).

I chilled them for a whole day, because we left and went over our friends' house for dinner. Here they are after baking:

They turned out so delicious. I think I like this Tuesdays with Dorie recipe the best so far (more than the tarts and the white bread). I think I am most likely to make this recipe again. The dough turns out very flaky and amazingly rich (thank the butter and cream cheese for that - it actually used so much cream cheese I had to go back out to the store for another package). And I just love dates and prunes in things. When I was a kid my mom used to buy the Awrey's date bars sometimes as a treat, and in recent years I did try a few recipes trying to replicate them, but I could never come close. Canadians have matrimonial bars, but I could never find a recipe of those that did not fall apart on me and did not taste completely dry. But these are great, they surpass the deliciousness of the date bars I had as a kid. I think I may leave out the extra dried fruits if I made them again. I think the date/prune pureed mixture is tasty enough and has a great texture.

Overall, great recipe! I gave some to friends of ours who called them "legendary" and "impressive". I would make them again. Check out how all the other bakers did here.


  1. I agree, these are great cookies. The dough is wonderful and worth keeping the recipe for.

  2. These were very tasty - although, I think if I kept anything from the recipe, it would be the fillings. Both the prune & apricot were toast (and gift) worthy.

  3. totally - the filling was great. I will have to try the apricot in the future. Yay for cream cheese dough!

  4. Your rugelach look wonderful, so round and even.

  5. they look absolutely delicious!


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