Dragon City Chinese Take-out

We like Dragon City Chinese Restaurant on Western Avenue for take-out. Here is the Times Union review I read posted on the wall as I waited for our food. Here is what is good about it:

  • Very cheap. We got enough for like 4 meals for under $20. (Pictured above is the curry beef and the broccoli with garlic sauce, not pictured is the hot and sour soup which my husband, a connoisseur of hot and sour soup, seemed to really enjoy.)
  • Unlike lesser Chinese restaurants you actually get a good amount of fresh tasting vegetables (the above linked Times Union review notes this fact). In this way, Chinese food can be a really cheap take out option that actually offers real vegetables (maybe Wendy's and Taco Bell should offer a side of broccoli?).
  • They are fast too. I browsed their Time magazines from around the time of Hurricane Katrina and when Jonathan Franzen's Freedom came out (far from current), and before I knew it my order was ready. This is good since it can be hard to know what to do for weeknight dinners when you don't have any inspiration or much time.

It is hard with Chinese restaurants, especially for take-out. Many look almost exactly the same, some are awful, but this one is actually good.


  1. I have to try this place. I adore chinese food - a little too much I think!

  2. I don't go for Chinese food too much - but my husband always says it had more vegetables than fast food, which is a fair point. Although, I could pretty much always go for an egg roll...

  3. I have been looking for a new Chinese take out place to add to my collection of food boxes. This place seems like a winner! Great article thank you!


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