Fourth of July at our house

What do you do with a holiday in the middle of the work week? It seemed weird, and yet who is going to argue with any day off in the year, really? We went to the Tailored Tea for lunch because I am in love with it. I went in Hobby Lobby for the first time. I thought it was a cool store. It was huge. The merchandise seemed of good quality and reasonably priced. They have party decorations, cake decorating supplies, nice picture frames, and even some furniture items. I liked the selection a lot better than the Michael's across the street.

For dinner, Scott made a delicious salad. He cooked up some flank steak in a cast iron skillet, made a dressing with shallots, lemon, and Sierra Nevada mustard, and threw in some olives and giardiniera. It is one of my favorite summer dishes because it is light and refreshing, but still satisfying for dinner. Check it out.

Then, I did an art project. Last time, at the From Scratch Club food swap I literally got off the train from Michigan about an hour before. I hadn't wanted to miss out on the fun, but I knew I wouldn't have any time to make anything. As a way to solve the problem, I made trivets and mosaic frames with food themed quotes on them. They were crazy popular, and one girl even asked for my business card (which I didn't have). I made a few more today to take to the next food swap, and I think they turned out pretty cool!

Hopefully people will like them, but if not I wouldn't mind keeping them for myself. 


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