New Provence Wine Bar Menu

We had pretty much a week long wedding anniversary celebration this year (we even took some photos to commemorate). We went to Provence for dinner, and while we were there they informed us of a new wine bar/tapas menu they have. We thought it was really exciting. It is cool to think that really great Albany restaurants don't just have to be for special occasions like your wedding anniversary (we have friends who went for just cocktails at the bar at McGuire's which is straight up class). You can go on a Friday night for a glass of wine and share an appetizer with someone as a fabulous way to transition from your work week to weekend. After we read their new wine bar menu, we couldn't wait to go back. This Friday we went after work (it was also the start of my week long vacation), and Scott had a great Rhone glass of wine and I had some champagne. I had the sun dried tomato and goat cheese tartlet, which to me tasted a bit like a mini-pizza. There is a crab tartlet too on the new tapas menu, and I can't wait to go back and try that. He had the French onion soup (not a new item but a classic), and we split the escargots (again not a new item, but their new wine bar menu inspired us to think of the restaurant in a different way, so it was responsible for us coming in at all). They had musicians playing some jazz too, so great time all around. I think this makes sense for the restaurant from an economic perspective too - I'm sure they'd rather people came in for affordable appetizers and drinks more often than only coming in for fancy dinners a few times a year. 

At the end I said "We should do this every Friday!", and there are so many new items on the wine bar menu (which is also serving as their lunch menu now) that I'll have to keep going back until I try them all.


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