Vacations I would like to go on

It is that time of year where it gets dark outside much earlier than one would hope, one dreary day can sort of meld into another, and sometimes I can go the entire work day without ever feeling warmed up no matter how many layers of clothing I'm wearing. It is the time of year when I randomly will type in "hot, dry desert" into Google images to make myself feel better.  So let's talk about something fun - good ideas for vacations! Pretend it is no longer winter- instead, it is a perfectly mild day, and I am wearing something like this:

And off we go!
  • I want to go back to Mackinac Island so bad.  There's lots of fudge and ice cream. You rent a bike and ride around the island. There are no cars. It is beautiful, and then you get back on the boat. Tons of fun. Then, if you are lucky you can go on over to St. Ignace on the Upper Peninsula and eat a pasty and some amazing Great Lakes white fish. 


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  2. I think anything with a beach will do for me now. I'm actually going to Jamaica in a few months to do some volunteer work. Not really a vacation, but getting away is getting away.

    A bbq tour does sound good though.

  3. oohh Jamaica does sound fun.

    I may actually plan this BBQ idea!


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