Early Fall Activities

Hello Internet.

I have not typed at you in a while. What have I been up to, you ask? My coworkers and I were in a craft fair. We were proud of our display:

My in-laws came to visit, and we checked out Yono's. I thought the food was fabulous, and liked that it felt light in my stomach even though clearly a lot of thought and skill had gone into the preparation.
See my amazing lamb with coconut rice:

 Husband's red snapper with flageolet beans:

We had a great time at the Fresh Grass bluegrass festival at MassMoca where we also really enjoyed the "Oh, Canada" exhibit. We checked out Mezze in Williamstown too, which everyone loved.

 I've made use of my bear cake pan I bought at the Confectionery House with my friend Sandy. I made this one for my friend Elizabeth.

I went to my cousin's wedding in Michigan, where my sister put the bridesmaid dress she wore for my wedding on me.

There was cake we didn't get to eat, and a whole assortment of pastries the waitstaff seemed to think we were eating too much of.

My sister with the pastries:

I hung out with my sisters and my mom. I am reading the book "Maine" by J. Courtney Sullivan which really makes me appreciate the differences in perspectives of various women in a family.  My grandpa danced with my mom.

To top it all off, there was a "Legally Blonde" musical with my favorite friend ever, which has a great message about being who you really are. I also feel it has a message about how it is hard for some professions to take young women seriously, and how even if you want to be professional and serious, you do want a friend at lunch time who you can talk about Bradley Cooper sitings around town, wedding planning or Real Housewives. My favorite part was when Alissa said "Emily is brilliant, but thinks it is perfectly normal to spend an entire day watching Beverly Hills, 90210 and then totally over-analyze it." Hilarious.

So, Internet, now you are all caught up, and now I can tell you about the Circus Cafe we went to today. I'll also be having to think of a Thanksgiving menu, and I'll probably have my now annual bad attitude about Christmas. I also might put together a fancy brunch party.

I'll be glad to have things slow down for a bit here. Happy autumn!


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