Outer Troy Tour

Today I got a real tour of outer Troy from my lovely new friend and professional cake decorator, Sandy. When I first found out she was a professional cake baker I am pretty sure I mumbled something like "livin' the dream!" even though I worked really hard for and am really lucky to have the job I have. Hoping to learn a thing or two from her, I suggested we check out the Confectionery House in Brunswick. It was way cool. You could make any kind of candy or decorate any kind of cake with the supplies from here. I had fantasies of buying all the candy bar making supplies and coming up with a cool combination called "The Emily Bar" to show up to the food swap with and give as Christmas presents, but I couldn't think of what that bar would be so I gave up on the idea. I bought a cool angled frosting spreader type of tool, brioche molds. and this awesome bear pan. Watch out, everyone I know, I am going to start showing up everywhere with bear shaped cakes!

Then we check out an Armenian market on the border of Latham and Watervliet. Former Albany resident Jess once wrote a story on All Over Albany about their delicious grape leaves, which the owner let us sample along with several other items. I bought a sort of Armenian pizza, which was a flatbread with beef mixed with tomatoes and spices to eat later. I also bought some great looking yogurt, crushed red pepper, and a falafel mix. They had some great looking items there (especially the pita and dates), and I will be sure to be back in the future.

I didn't even realize where Cohoes was before (north of Troy, east of Latham), but she took me on quite the tour. Including Cohoes Falls:

This is where the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers meet. Troy is off in this direction:

The mastodon from the New York State Museum was found near the viewing platform for the falls:

She suggested the Park Pub next to Frear Park in Troy. I had a lovely Mexican pizza which was made on a thin tortilla and had jalapenos, black olives, beef, cheese, salsa and sour cream. She had crab cakes. I tried them and thought they were really moist and flavorful. We talked about weddings, 90s music, and her working with Rachel Ray in the past. Great fun was had by all!

I only wish that I will one day be able to teach anyone as much about the area I live in as Sandy taught me today! Great fun, and any day that includes a bear shaped cake pan is pretty hard to beat!


  1. I used to live at Highland Club apartments just feet away from Nora's Grocery until last year. I got to know Fred, the guy who runs it, really well. Their stuffed grape leaves (which are the Armenian style "Yalanchi") are amazing, and if you catch them as they were just prepared, you're in for a real treat!

    On the weekends, they also make warm falafel sandwiches, which may not seem obvious. They have some delicious brined olives, and their fresh cheese, which is akin to a stringy, salty mozzarella, that has Nigella seeds dispersed throughout is absolutely amazing!

    Those meat pies are pretty good, but all this other stuff is great!

  2. Oh yeah my friend was big on the cheese, but I didn't end up getting any. He brought us out some grape leaves and they have a nice spice to them. Did you also go to the Hostess outlet when you lived there?


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