Wedding Desserts

I have previously talked about our wedding cake at a couple of times. And I have nothing new to say other than to say again that I loved the red velvet with cream cheese icing, but now we have  the professional photos!

Am I the only girl in the world who would put the Mona Lisa on her wedding cake? Yes, I might just be.

Another thing we did was make chocolate chip cookies for the favors. The significance of this is that Scott likes when I make him chocolate chip cookies, so cookies for everyone! Spread the love! We used Thomas Keller's recipe from Ad Hoc, which I believe to be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe there is. And thanks to my stellar Matron of Honor and her friend who I had not even met before the previous day, they all got made without any effort from me.

For the packaging I used a Martha Stewart idea and slipped the cookies in CD sleeves I had decorated with some paper, stamps, and ribbons. I also bought some neat little tags for 99 cents from ebay with wine barrels on them and stamped them with "Thank you". People seemed to love the cookies, and actually it was very cheap considering it was mostly just cd sleeves, ribbon, paper, flour, eggs, brown sugar, regular sugar, and chocolate (I did spring for the Ghirardelli, but not the Valrhona like Keller recommends). If we hadn't done something cheap we probably would not have done favors at all, but I think people appreciate desserts at weddings.


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