Peanut-Free Peanut Butter

I am married to someone who has a nut allergy. And I could just do whatever I wanted, and think it was fine if there weren't nuts actually in his food, but the truth is it is not that nice to have things that bother your loved ones in the air, in crevices on the counter, or on pans they eat off of no matter how hard you try to clean things. I also once heard a story of a guy who ate a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and than came home and kissed his wife who died from the reaction to the peanut particles still in his mouth. Not very nice. I, however, do enjoy the flavors of nuts and once in a while do eat some while I am at work. Somehow not being able to eat certain foods makes them very exciting. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Which is why when my coworker was complaining that the daycare facility that her toddler goes to does not allow peanut butter because some kids are allergic, and instead allows only fake peanut butter, I said "what is this fake peanut butter?" Well it is apparently made from roasted soybeans and it tastes just like peanut butter. Actually I may not be the best person to ask since I haven't have real peanut butter in years, but I think this stuff is delicious. What is actually funny is that my husband actually being allergic to peanut butter does not think that the thing that resembles something that could kill him is exciting. I said "It tastes just like it!", and he said "So why would I want to eat that?" But it is perfect for me. So far I have put it on Triscuits and graham crackers sometimes with a dollop of cherry jam on top too. It feels like I am getting away with something, it is so good. My coworker who actually does eat real peanut butter is not impressed, but for someone who lives with someone who is allergic to nuts this is a real find!


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