The Aesthetics of Food

Recently I came across something that looks like this:

It is Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Summer from the Denver Art Museum. It made me think of something similar I made in high school: 

My dad will tell you I went through many burgundy pencils for that plate, sending him all over town to purchase them. It got me thinking about Saxton Freymann, and made me wonder why people get excited about food in art. I feel like it is just supposed to be fun and whimsical and maybe along the same line as the wedding cakes that look like other things, or in one case the bride herself. 

Starting from squeeze bottles for sauces in restaurants and going all the way to sugar sculptures, the importance of the aesthetics of food cannot be ignored. I believe that dishes can look better when different colors are combined, and that of course some presentations are more attractive than others (the plating at Bouchon was nothing short of beautiful), but I think too much fussiness (especially with desserts on a lot of Food Network shows), is just too much and unnecessary. 


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