Brimfield Flea Market

I checked out the Brimfield Flea Market just like I did last year (in July and September). We had a fabulous time. What did I get this year, you ask?

A cute hair comb, postcards of beloved Michigan places like Frankenmuth, Mackinaw City, and the Father Marquette Museum, some cute jewelry (including a Girl Scout pin from the 1920s).

This ring says on it that it is from 1957, and I plan on cleaning it up a bit.

I also bought this cool plate to hang on the wall:

Oh, and this cute portrait of a little girl on the bottom here, which plays great on the wall next to the above pictured Lilly Martin Spencer's "The Jolly Washerwoman:

We enjoyed sitting on some furniture:

And my friend Julie bought this awesome arrow:

Most of all the exciting score for me was a vintage Westinghouse roaster with stand. I plan on using it as an awesome shelving unit and conversation piece in my dining room. It seemed like a steal at $50.

Can't wait to go again next year! I love all the unique and interesting pieces, the historical perspective, and also how reusing old stuff is great for the environment. What a blast! 


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