Back to Brimfield: Flea Market Haul

In the grand tradition of the haul videos on youtube, let me tell you what I got at the flea market yesterday. You remember when I went to the Brimfield Flea Market in July. Well, yesterday my coworkers and I went back. Check out what I got!

This woman had a booth that was basically everything from my wedding - brooches, vintage hankies, gloves and awesome retro things. I saw this apron at that booth, and I had to get it. It is so awesome makes me think I should take an embroidery class at the Arts Center of the Capital Region since I always go so crazy for those types of items at flea markets.

This awesome green kitchen stool was $20 from the 1920s. I figured I can peel potatoes, chop veggies, and hang out in the kitchen for hours all without my feet hurting. I'll probably touch up the paint, but I think it is adorable. I actually walked past it the first time and kept thinking about it (that is usually the sign you should head back and pick up the item).

I got one cookbook for 1906 and one from 1927. They use a lot of gelatin in the 1927 Electric Refrigerator Recipes book. The 1906 Boston Cooking Club cookbook has a lot of pencil notations about which recipes are good, and I like the commentary. I'd like to go through and make all the recipes a la "Julie and Julia". There's also my awesome kitchen stool in the background.

I got some great postcards and a couple of books to read. The postcards mostly were used from 1900-1960, and I like reading what people wrote. It is fun to imagine the rest of the story. I especially like the vacations ones. Someone was having a great time on the beach in 1906 in Maine. People like relaxing vacations now. With all the changes in technology, politics, the world - it is comforting to think that some things never change (there are also some sad ones, but people experience loss the same way now too).

Great artist palette brooch!

I love this little weaving woman. I'm not sure my coworkers got why I loved her so much. She has a bin of yarn and a baby on her back. She is right in the middle of her craft project. I love her so much!

I'm crazy for table linens. I always couldn't wait until I got married to put linen napkins on my wedding registry, but after I got married I just started buying all kinds. Pure class! I think there are many craft projects that can be done with vintage linens, like my wedding invitations.

I bought a spice rack. It was kind of ugly to begin with. It had a whole fake stained glass on plexi sunflower thing going on, and the wood was a little beat up. I painted it black and covered the plexi with fabric. This created so much extra room in our regular cabinets. I was very proud of myself.

I had a great time at the flea market with my coworkers. There was a crazy storm on the way back with massive amounts of rain, wind, and lightening. Rilo Kiley came on my ipod, and I was feeling reflective about the day. It made me think that for all my talk about MWF Seeking BFF this year, what I think I appreciate more than anything is people who just get you without trying too hard (someone who can say "That is such an 'Emily' necklace!" and actually be right), and who can make you laugh. Those qualities are things that aren't that easy to find even if you take the book's advice and ask random ladies out to lunch routinely (which is a good thing to do anyway). I appreciate my coworkers a lot in that way, especially since I know not everyone has that.

Now I can't wait to go back to Brimfield next year! Thanks to the Martha Stewart Living magazine for informing me about it!


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