Thanksgiving at Our House

Our Thanksgiving festivities really started on Tuesday night when I drove up to Oscar's Adirondack Smokehouse in Warrensburg to pick up our boneless half ham. It easily fed five adults and two kids with plenty leftover. It was an easy drive from Saratoga where I am now working, and the shop was very cool to visit. They have all kinds of cured meats, cheeses, and sauces. I also picked up some summer sausage that we added to our charcuterie plate (filled with other goodies from The Cheese Traveler). My new coworkers seemed to find my ham errand very funny and referred to me as a courier (as one is to valuable paintings that travel from an art museum). They also asked me if I put a seat belt around the ham, which wouldn't have been that crazy considering how great their products are. It was a really delicious ham, and totally worth the trip up there (you can also purchase Oscar's products at Roma Foods and Cardona's). Rounding out our Thanksgiving table (what no turkey?) was maple glazed carrots, cauliflower braised in white whine with anchovies, a white loaf I made ( I made it previously too), some delicious mustard with tarragon for the ham, and trifle that my friend brought (consisting of layers of lemon pound cake, berries, and whipped cream). We also enjoyed some Ravines Riesling.

Check it out:

We were thankful for lots of things including the Tigers beating the Yankees in the baseball playoffs, and the results of the election. Most of all, I am thankful for friends who feel like relatives, and I mean that in the best possible way.


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