Dogsitting and Cucumber Salad

I'm still out dogsitting in North Adams, MA. My coworker went to Alaska, and I'm here with Chance and Dakota, Chesapeake Retrievers.

Usually I make fun of mixes, cookbooks, and a whole philosophy of food that is different than mine. This time I am doing more exploring, maybe since it is summer. I basically cleaned out my freezer and brought a whole bunch of veggie burgers and zucchini pancakes I made a while ago so that makes up for the fact that the kitchen is under equipped. There's also a garden. I picked a bunch of stuff from the garden like my coworker told me to do.

Everything just keeps coming and coming. I bought some white distilled vinegar, and then tried to make a cucumber salad based on the seasonings they have around here. You may remember my previous experimenting with cucumber salads.

They don't have a lot of basic seasonings here, but they do have grilling seasonings. The Montreal Chicken seasoning from McCormick seems pretty versatile and tasty. It has garlic, pepper, salt, and onion, and in my week here I have tried it on a variety of foods. I threw on some of that, crushed red pepper, kosher salt, and a whole lot of vinegar. It turned out tasty!

It seems that if you start with cucumber and vinegar, you can adjust the seasonings however you want based on what you have available and it can turn out really good.


  1. I really like Montreal seasoning -- looks like a terrific salad!

  2. Thanks! who knew it was good on more things than just chicken!


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