Kinnaree Asian Restaurant

This weekend a couple ladies from my book club and I want to the Joan Osborne concert at The Egg, and we stopped by Kinnaree before the show. My friend who suggested it had been there before and really liked it. The same day that we went, the restaurant got four stars from the Times Union. Check out Albany Jane's experience from back in January.

 Above is what I got. The Jjam Pong, "a spicy seafood soup with udon noodle, shrimp, squid, scallop, mussel, white fish, vegetables". I really enjoyed the heat of the spice and the variety of the seafood. The vegetables in the soup also tasted really fresh and getting the side dishes without knowing what they were going to be was a fun surprise. Those are a carrot side dish, fish cakes, and bean sprouts. My favorite was the bean sprouts which tasted like they were in sesame oil.

Above is Gob dol bi bim bab in a hot stone bowl, that is "an assortment of sautéed vegetables, egg, beef over steam rice served with red chili paste". My friend seemed to really enjoy it.

Above, as I remember, was the Bul go gi, "stir fried marinated beef slices with onion, green onion". My friend really liked this too.

Two of us had the ginger tea, and one of us had the green tea, and those were both great too.

The restaurant had really filled up by the time we left to go to the concert. I had only had Korean food a few times in NYC around the 5th avenue and 32nd street area. My experience is a little limited on this, but I always really enjoyed the cuisine. Reasonably priced, full flavored, with the added fun of the surprise concerning what the side dishes will be - what is not to like about this restaurant?

The concert was really fun. I was going for a bit of 1990s nostalgia, but my friend who is actually a fan claimed that Joan is a lot funkier and bluesier than you would think by only hearing her wonder if god was one of us. She was totally right and Joan and the band really had a great energy on stage. I thought by the time she actually got to "One of Us" her heart wasn't really in it, and I got the impression she didn't want to play it at all. I did end up getting an autographed copy of her new CD and it sounds great so far.

Fun all around, while also managing to find a keeper of a restaurant!


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  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome Asian fusion with great expertise in Thai food, I am very much impressed by this little restaurant in downtown Albany! We had all the must-orders: Thai ice tea (can be a bit less sweet tho), Phad Thai, the wide noodle sth, Korean rice cake, Korean BBQ Beef, dessert Mango Sticky Rice and Rotti (less sweetness will make it perfect)...Very happy and satisfied after dining:)


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