Corn Tortillas

I never knew that making corn tortillas was so easy! We got a tortilla press as a wedding present, and it turns out to be totally worth it. So fresh and so delicious! First mix together some water and masa harina and let sit for 15 minutes.

Then cut the dough into smaller sections and roll it into into small, smooth balls. Cover all but one with plastic wrap.
Cover your tortilla press with baggies. I also used a piece of parchment paper. Flatten the dough ball a little with your fingers.
Press the tortilla press down and then peel the dough off of the parchment paper.Slip it into a medium heat skillet.
You can continue with the next one as the first one is heating up.
Turn it over, and turn it back over again. It is done when it is brown and speckled and when it puffs up like a pita bread.
Keep warm in a basket lined with towels.
Then we had andouille, cauliflower, onions, salsa, and cilantro Scott was sauteeing while I was making the tortillas. We could not believe how much better it was than store bought corn tortillas and quick and easy it was!


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