French Macarons

I absolutely love French Macarons. I would like to make the argument that they are one of the most ideal desserts for the following reasons:

  • They are the perfect size. I will never understand the idea of massive desserts. Nothing is that great after a few bites anyway, and if you are sitting down with the whole pint of the Ben & Jerry's I might ask did you actually even eat dinner? I think for dessert all you really need is one and a half or two bites. It is about cleaning your palate and lightening your mood. It is not a second meal.
  • The combination of textures is sublime. The outside is ideally crunchy like an eggshell. The cookie part is ideally a bit chewy. And the filling should be soft and creamy. Perfection! Crunch-chew-lick up creamy filling, what could be better?
  • They look very beautiful. No one would expect anything less from the whoopie pie's little sophisticated cousin. I especially love when they are all different colors, like at Jean-Georges where they serve lavender flavored ones after lunch.
I will never know how I spent 27 years without appreciating these. Perfection!


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