Dessert in the NY/MA/VT Tri-State Area

I'll start out by saying I'm not the biggest fan of dessert. Unless it's something that sounds really interesting that I have never had before or is key lime pie, I could pretty much take it or leave it. However, there are some exceptions to that rule.
  • Cheesecake Machismo I think that it is run by a husband and wife, and it has an adorable little location, astroturf and all. Everything we've ever had there has been amazing, though I recommend the Tiger Stripe and the Chocolate Chip Fasciana. You can get cheesecake from here and many Capital Region restaurants (Mangia, Cafe Capriccio, El Mariachi right next store), but you really need the whole experience complete with Hula girl figurines and kitschy posters. You can get a slice of cheesecake and a beverage for $5, and the slice is big enough to share.
  • Bettie's Cakes Nothing has increased the probability that we go to the movies at Colonie Center on a Friday night than this popping up in the food court. They get points for being nice about Scott's nut allergy. Plus they usually have some crazy flavor of the day like coconut cream pie cupcake, which I had that was a coconut cake, coconut frosting, and Bavarian creme filling. Although I may say that the cake is just so good, you probably could just go with the vanilla like Scott did.
  • The Apple Barn This is between Williamstown, MA and Bennington, VT on Route 7. Apple cider doughnuts, need I say more? Also fills all your VT made product needs like cheese and maple syrup. Mmmmm.
  • Indian Ladder Farms Also get your delicious apple cider doughnut fix closer to Albany, where we didn't know for a long time they actually serve lunch too. The lunch is also great with all local ingredients, and mulled cider to drink along with it. Whether it's eating half the bag of doughnuts or petting the cow, I don't know why but this place makes me genuinely happy.
  • Bread Euphoria This place is a bit of a hike from Albany, but Northampton often has interesting musical acts, and things going on at the museum at Smith. Again, I'm not the biggest dessert person, but at this place they really get flavors from natural ingredients and good techniques rather than just sugar. Freelance photographers we work with come from Northampton and bring us pastries from there once a month, and I am already starting to think about the fruit and nut scone I am going to consume Tuesday morning. Mmmmmmm, I think it has ginger in it or something, and flax seed. Who knows, it is amazing. My intern and I also stopped in there on a way to an art handling workshop in CT and they also serve pizza and croissants stuffed with things like spinach and ham and cheese. It's so good we were driving home, spotted it, and actually did a u-turn to go buy pastries.
  • J&S Watkins These are the people baking our wedding cake. Also they supply cakes to Peaches Cafe in Stuyvesant plaza. They gave us boxes of samples to try for the wedding, and for now red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and black satin and mocha filling seem like great ideas.
So there's some options, and if done of those seem suitable, well you can just go to New World Bistro and order an ice cream sandwich.


  1. J&S Watkins is also the supplier of Spectrum 8's cakes! DELICIOUS.

    And I'm seconding Cheesecake Machismo. I'm usually a cheesecake purist--plain, please, or mayyyyybe berries on top--but their flavors I can get behind. The Guinness (or chocolate stout or whatever they're calling it) won me over.

    I'd also recommend stopping by Crisan for a nutella croissant or a scoop of gelato and enjoying it as you stroll up Lark or through the park.

  2. J&S Watkins is also the supplier of Spectrum 8's cakes!

    I did not know that -- cool!

  3. Oh my god Guinness sounds great!!

    I will have to get some of their cake at the Spectrum! Thanks for the tips!!

  4. Crisan's custom cake section on their website looks amazing!

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