He's a professor, and I work in an artist studio. He makes pasta sauce, and I make cookies. He likes hockey, and I like thrift stores. We both love Café Capriccio, where we got engaged. We've enjoyed living in Albany. Thanks for stopping by!

We go out sometimes.
We cook at home. 
We throw parties.
Sometimes we drink.
We got married in June 2011.
We went on a honeymoon.

Sometimes I talk about shopping.
I think food is associated with nostalgia, memories, and love.
I love Amanda Hesser and Food52. I love Thomas Keller and Ad Hoc at home.
I also have a pretty awesome frilly apron collection.


  1. Hi Amanda - I'd like to interview you for a story in Thrillist NY. Please email me at Thanks!

    1. Sorry did not mean to call you Amanda! Was just reading the name Amanda Hesser. ha