Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

On one of our super fun day trips to the Hudson Valley last fall we discovered the small town of Millerton near the CT border. Its a cute town, like a mini Hudson - there's a handmade glass place, a cute vintage store that sells the kind of lingerie from the 1940s that can help you pretend you are some kind of old Hollywood starlet (I just wish I had this Pier 1 mirrored vanity as well), a well-curated wine store that offers weekend tastings given by friendly staff members, and Oblong Books.

For my point of view, the best part of Millerton is the solidly outstanding coffee shop, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. Like all really delicious coffee places, they really pay attention to where the green beans come from and sell the roasted beans as close as possible to when they were roasted. You really want to make sure you grind your beans as close as possible to when you brew the coffee for best results. All that combined is pretty much the formula for an amazing cup of coffee.

At the cafe in Millerton they sell food too, like pot pies, sandwiches, salads, and this really lovely raspberry oat bar:

I really love coffee of such high quality that it demands your full attention. It forces a thoughtful break in your day - a moment for you to just exist in your life. I believe that great coffee has that power. This is the attractive looking latte Scott had last time:

Last time I was there I purchased a bag of the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. I made it in a French press today after lunch at my fabulous new job inside while it blizzarded around us like a lively snowglobe, and it was so intense and full-flavored with a bit of spice to it. I'm not sure anything is better than the Irving Farms coffee made in a French press. I'm pretty sure I purchased the Costa Rican coffee before too, which was lighter and brighter but also smelled and tasted amazing.

 One thing we continue to enjoy about this region is that there are so many different cool day trips to take and secrets to discover. I can say that this little place is a real gem.


  1. Kind of interesting - you went all the way to Millerton and didn't stop in to Harney & Sons teas or mention it? Hard to miss a world-class tea blender's flagship location in such a small town!

  2. We'll definitely try it next time!


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