A Place After My Own Heart

Good to see Brown's opening a place with priorities that match my own:
Brown’s co-owner Garry Brown has personally been leading the construction project since early last year. The pub and tapas bar will be for adults seeking a quiet, relaxed adult experience — no big screen TV sets blaring sports, no loud music, no flavored vodkas.

What it will have is Brown’s own beers and ales on six taps and three beers from cask-conditioned gravity pumps, as well as some 30 scotches and 20 bourbons.
And actually, the ban on loud music is more important to me than the anti-vodka bias.  There's nothing worse than sitting down with friends in a nice pub and then have them insist on playing music at ear-splitting volume even though there's no dancing.  At any rate, I'm sure we'll have a report soon...


  1. That's awesome news! I think I am the only person in Troy who doesn't swoon over The Confectionery because it's so bloody loud in there. I can't for the life of me figure out who they are catering to- adults or 21 year olds. Can't wait to have a place in town where one can get a drink AND carry on a conversation with friends!


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