Most Ridiculous Bear Cake Decorating Party

I sometimes have ridiculous ideas that I talk about doing forever and sometimes they actually make their way into reality. I totally think my friend Sandy is a genius, a butter and sugar genius that is - which is of course the best kind. She has a business called Chaos and Buttercream, where she manages to make cakes that are delicious, creative, and beautiful. Ever since I bought my bear cake pan, Sandy and I have said "Do you know what would be awesome? If we made a whole army of bear cakes and invited everyone we knew to decorate them!" Who knew we would actually do it! I'll also mention that I am going to the Bear's Steakhouse for my birthday in a couple weeks, so this is all a way of building bear related excitement for me.

Here are the bare bears starting out:

What was awesome about it was how different everyone's was from each other and how creative everyone was. This is mine:

Hello Kitty bear:

psychedelic bear:

coy bear:

gender confused hipster bear:

And here they are altogether:

So much fun! My new coworkers and I are totally obsessed with the Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio (and it's $900 price tag for a Saturday night private party!). So Sandy and I imagine we could charge a fortune to teach Saratoga socialites how to make bear cakes. Or maybe even horse cakes! Isn't that what this picture in missing?

We thought cake decorating parties could be tons of fun for office retreats too as a team building exercise. Or at least just future get togethers with our same friends, every weekend all different types of awesome cakes!


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