The Boar's Head Choice

I am inclined to think that the Price Chopper gets a bad rap from area foodies. Essentially, if you roughly control for the economic status of the neighborhood market (i.e. comparing the International Chopper with the Hannaford on Central, or the Slinglerlands Price Chopper with the Latham Hannaford, rather than the fundamentally apples-to-oranges comparison of the Price Chopper on Madison with a suburban Hannaford) than Price Chopper compares perfectly well. Some chains do things better than others -- Maine-based Hannaford, nut surprisingly, has better seafood, the PC has a better butcher shop -- but I think the local chain measures up perfectly well. One of the biggest advantages that the Price Chopper had over Hannaford, though, is that many of its delis had high-quality Boar's Head deli stuff, while Hannaford's had inferior products. Alas, it appears the Price Chopper has decided to give away this advantage. This might make market sense; I dunno. But I'll be taking my deli shopping elsewhere. Score one for Shop-Rite, as well as the smaller delis (yay Cardona’s and Ragonese!) that still carry the better stuff.


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