Mrs. London's Bakery and Cafe

Dear Mrs. London's,

I love you so much.

I love your baguette (pictured above) - so crispy and flaky on the outside and yet chewy and moist on the inside. It is a marvel of baking perfection that I can't accomplish since I spend my days running around a museum, but payng you $4 is well worth the price.

I love croissants too (I haven't tried them, but Daniel has).

I love the look of all of your pastries, and simply just being in your store.

I love that stopping for anything, not only gives me something that tastes great and vastly improves the sophistication level of whatever I am having for dinner, but makes me feel vaguely glamorous - like I should be carrying a hat box and going to pick up my poodles from the groomer (yes, I will take a pistachio macaron, thank you!).

I love you like I love a sparking rosé wine on a hot and humid day.

I love you like I love Valentine's Day.

I love you like I love meeting a girl who loves watching "13 going on 30", vintage clothes shopping, reading interesting books, planning ridiculous theme parties, fantasizing about making Baked Alaska, and plotting extensive European vacations that won't actually happen any time in the foreseeable future.

I love you like I love Forever 21 - a little fluffy, not totally great for me, a little indulgent, fun all around? Exactly.

I love you like I love an episode of the "Real Housewives of Every City" where no drinks are thrown in anyone's faces, and no one storms out in a fit of anger.

I love you so much I can barely describe.




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