Mother's Day Brunch at New World

We have talked about New World Bistro on this blog before, once last year, and when I got them to cater lunch in the bridal suite before our wedding. Well, today we decided to go to the movies to see Damsels in Distress because it is ending on Tuesday. We went back and forth about whether to make egg sandwiches or go out for brunch like it was a normal Sunday. We decided to go out, and when we showed up at New World and saw the buffet, we immediately said to each other - "Ah! It is Mother's Day!" My mom lives in Michigan and my Mother in Law lives in western Canada, a situation like Daniel describes. We did purchase them both cards but failed to send them in time. I definitely notice when Valentine's Day comes around, but last year I didn't notice Father's Day so much that I planned my wedding on that day. What can you do?

Anyways, so obviously there were no tables, but we were able to sit and eat at the bar. They had a buffet for $25 a person, and basically had many, many different things I've definitely thought about trying on the brunch menu and never had before. It made me wish that they did a buffet a few times a year when they launch a new menu so you don't miss awesome things over the course of that season by getting fixated on one thing or just staying obsessed with the jerk chicken or something that is always on the menu. Mom's got one complimentary "Mom-osa" and the bartender was definitely lining those up by the half dozen. It was pretty busy, and a buffet was a brilliant idea. Check out things they had on the buffet. Our favorites were the red snapper creviche and the ropa bennies with guava hollandaise. My husband enjoyed the jambalaya, and I really enjoyed the Mediterranean scramble and the cured salmon pastrami with cornichons and creme fraiche (completely brilliant). This was really useful because now I am more likely to order things in the future off the regular menu that I may not have tried otherwise.

I did feel like a bit of a scammer not being a mother or having a mother with us. Everyone kept saying "Happy Mother's Day!" I guess living hundreds of miles away from your mother and not having a mother to go with you out to brunch on Mother's Day is not as bad as going out to dinner on Valentine's Day by yourself. The thing is, of course you wouldn't go out to eat on Valentine's Day by yourself because not only would it seem pathetic, but there would not be any tables and sometimes the prices are jacked up, but in this case it was actually a good deal.

The brunch made me appreciate New World all over again. The variety of quality foods they put out on a regular basis is very impressive. Sometimes I think there is no one cooler than some of the people who work there, like our food runner who I am fully aware will one day go to college (at which point I will totally miss her).  I was just glad they weren't checking for kids or mothers at the door so that we didn't get turned away from the fabulous brunch buffet!

And thanks to my mother for giving birth to me. Here, we baked a goat cheese and leek quiche 4 years ago.


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