Emperor's, Wolf Road

We went to Emperor's last night. We had been there a few times before. My husband has also been there for lunch, and says that is a great deal. We got the Singapore Noodles and they made a chicken with mixed vegetable in garlic sauce for us because we couldn't decide between a couple of things.

Things that are great about Emperor's:
  • The waiter here actually remembered my husband is allergic to nuts. That can't be expected. I don't even think we've been here that much - very impressive.
  • The garlic sauce is actually not sweet. It has a little spice to it, and a touch of sweetness - the right balance.
  • The Singapore Noodles are great. They are really flavorful, and also fun to eat.
  • I also like that the hot tea comes with your meal.
  • The hot and sour soup is really good - which we all know is the real test of a Chinese restaurant.
I would say in this area that this is how I would rank the top Chinese restaurants in the area: Ala Shanghai, Emperor's, and Ichiban. Things that make up a good Chinese restaurant: dishes not being greasy, there actually being vegetables, and sauces that have full, sometimes spicy flavors. I think Emperor's succeeds against this criteria for Chinese restaurants. Also, we always seem to have leftovers and the noodles make a great lunch the next day.


  1. No love for Shining Rainbow or CCK? I only ask because it's a bit of an indictment when a Japanese restaurant comes in at the #3 spot of an area's Chinese restaurants.

    K. I know Ichiban has Chinese food. But it's name is Ichiban. You give a restaurant a Japanese name and a sushi bar, in my book it's Japanese (even if they have a large Chinese menu).

  2. We haven't been to either; will have to try. My colleagues, at least before discovering Alla Shanghai, didn't have a lot of advice other than (the inaccurate claim that) "all Chinese food in Albany is terrible," so we've been on our own.

  3. by terrible they meant "not spicy enough" which is weird since not every Chinese dish is meant to be spicy.

  4. Emperor's is wonderful. The lunch deal is a steal! I also like their Hong Kong-style soups. Ichiban is also very good. I will be there on Christmas day. The bento boxes are a great deal.

  5. Again, anything with bento boxes shouldn't be on a list of Chinese restaurants.

    But the "spicy" thing as a shorthand for "authentic" is amusing and totally true for the area. I want my mind blown with unusual ingredients and preparations, not simply mass quantities of capsaicin intended to mask the availability of better ingredients.

  6. hahaha exactly. That is hilarious.


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